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Air Capital Taekwondo teaches the Korean Art of Taekwondo and Koryo Gumdo; Samurai
Swordsmanship...We fall under the
(WTF) World Taekwondo Federation, the (USNTF) United States
National Taekwondo Federation, and the (WKGA) World Koryo Gumdo Association .  We are also members
of the
(NAPMA) National Association of Professional Martial Artists and an affiliate school of the (NSMA)
National School of Martial Arts in
San Antonio, TX.

6th Dan KuKkiwon Master and 2006 NSMA Instructor of the year
David Perreault
Master Perreault and his wife represent over 40 years of Olympic Style Taekwondo knowledge.  They have both
been very successful competitors, demonstrators, and instructors in Japan and Korea.  They both studied directly
under 8th Dan GrandMaster Joe Giampietro starting at white belt.  Both are internationally certified black belt
instructors.  Along with their two children they make up the instructor force at Air Capital.

Their ability to relay complicated techniques is a major reason students excel in all aspects of their program.  
Students have ranged in age from 4 to 64.  Our program and teaching methods allow all to train and learn the actual
art of Taekwondo.  This is not a watered down program designed to teach marginal abilities.  Belts are not given at
this studio but are earned through hard work and a lot of sweat.  

Master Perreault and his wife teach the actual methods taught in Korea where they lived, trained, and competed for
over six years.   Advancements to 6th Degree Black Belt are achievable.  

We practice the Taguek Patterns and follow guide lines for promotions based on the National School of Martial Arts
requirements.  Kukkiwon and (USNTF) United States National Taekwondo Federation certification are available.  
Anyone possessing a Kukkiwon or USNTF Dan certificate will be honored and afforded the appropriate privileges.  

Both veterans of the United States Air Force Master Perreault is a retired 20 year vet.  Tammy served 8 years and
separated to start our family.

Master Perreault learned his teaching and orginazation skills as a Training Manager, facilitating training for over 850
people.  The training he has received from the largest and best training system in the world lends it's self to teaching
martial arts in many ways.  He understands many different teaching methods and how individuals learn at different
rates with different approaches to training.  This training that he has received benefits all who pass through the doors
of Air Capital TKD.   

Tammy Perreault is a college graduate from Southwestern University.  She has a bachelors degree in human resource
development.  She runs the business aspect of the school which leaves the lesson planning and the bulk of the
teaching to Master Perreault.  As a team of husband and wife they complement each other with their knowledge and
abilities to relay instruction and run a successful martial arts school.  This means the best possible service and
learning environment for you or your child.  

Master Perreault hails from Plymouth, MN

Tammy Perreault hails from Merritt Island, FL

They both call Kansas home and have for over 17 years now.   
Our Mission

Our school is dedicated to developing Black Belt Excellence in Students and Families within a fun, safe,
non-threatening, inspiring environment.  Our school will continue to grow through our students as they will be our
greatest advocates in displaying a respectful attitude in our community.

Life skills, along with the physical aspects of a martial artist, are what create a person with Black Belt Excellence.
6th Dan Master
David Perreault
4th Dan Master
Tammy Perreault
3rd Dan
Megan Perreault
3rd Dan
David Perreault