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Question and Answers with Master Perreault:

Here are some of the questions that parents and students have asked me over the years and since we have opened
the school.  

Question:  Where did you learn martial arts?

“Okinawa, Japan the land of martial arts.  My wife and I lived there for over 6 years.  My Grand Master and I started the
National School of Martial Arts Okinawa chapter there.  I was his first student in Japan

Question:  So then you got your black belt in Japan, that’s ironic since Taekwondo is Korean.  

“Well not really, I officially tested in Seoul Korea on Osan AB with Grand Master Moon for my first Dan.  The majority of
my practice was on the island of Okinawa.  I did compete and also teach in Korea for a short time as well.”

Question:  How long have you been studying the martial arts?

“For over 20 years, I started when I was 22 years old.  This is why I always say “it’s never too late to start your martial arts

Question:  Starting that late must have been a challenge.

“Yes, but I think I was more mature and more dedicated to the Art.  If I started when I was very young I may have ended up
like many adults that studied and then moved on to something else and now it just a memory for them.  I can’t tell you how
many times adults have told me they wish they never stopped practicing, because it is a challenge to start later in life but by
no means impossible.  Anyone that has the time, heart and dedication can still be a great martial artist.”

Question:  So how old are you now?

“I was born in 1970 in Robinsdale Minnesota.”

Question:  Who was your toughest competitor?

“That would be the Captain of the Air Force Taekwondo team.  I had been studying for just over 15 months and I
decisively defeated this person with a jumping spin hook kick.  The crazy thing was this guy had been studying Taekwondo
his whole life.  That victory was the direct result of Grand Master Giampietro’s excellent instruction and a great deal of

Question:  So you must have had your black belt when you defeated the Air Force Taekwondo team captain.  How
did you accomplish this in such a short period of time?

“I did have my 1st Degree black belt at that time.  We used to practice 6 days a week for two hours a night.  At that rate we
basically cut the time it took to get to black belt in half.”  This is not normally possible in the states because there are just
too many distractions: boating, camping, and going out, etc. On Okinawa there just wasn't much else to do but martial arts,
also you would be hard pressed to find a school that offers that many hours of training per week.  We come close holding
class 5 nights a week 1 hour each night.  The great thing about our membership is, if you want you can double up on
classes to get more training.”

Question:  What rank are you?

I am a 6th Degree Black belt in Olympic Style Taekwondo and a 2nd Degree black belt in Koryo Gumdo.  I am the only
internationally certified instructor in Andover.

Question:  So you were in the Air Force?

“Yes I retired 31 October 2008.  My wife and I have made Andover, Kansas our home and we will continue to reside here.

Question:  Will you miss the Military?

“Yes and no, I am ready to teach full time.  I have found my calling and I finally know what I want to be when I grow up,
haha.  The military has been good and I have learned so much, I have also grown as a person over the last 20 years and I
believe it has all brought me to this moment now, preparing me for the next challenge and that is changing people lives
through martial arts.”

Question:  Since you were in the Military you must run your class like a drill instructor?

“Ha ha, well first of all I was never a drill instructor in the Military.  Second, if I ran my school that way I wouldn't’ have
very many students, would I?  I am very fare with my praise and criticism and just like any martial arts instructor I like
order and a certain amount of discipline, but I don’t take it over the top like you may have seen in some movies.  Every day
in our class our students are getting an ear full of how to live there lives by the tenants of Taekwondo.”

Question:  What are the tenants of Taekwondo and do you really follow them.

The tenants are very simple and anyone can use this approach to life.  Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and
Indomitable spirit. Yes I really do try to follow the tenants of Taekwondo.  If it's one this the Air Force has taught me it's to
lead by example.  

Question:  Where did you learn how to teach?

“Primarily in Okinawa from Grand Master Giampietro, but I really refined my teaching skill in the Air Force.  I was a
Training Manager for over 10 years and have been to many formal Air Force schools that focus on teaching and evaluating
individuals.  I also have had formal courses on building lessons plans and unit training plans for entire shops.  I facilitated
training for over 300 people in the Air Force and have facilitated training for over 1,000 at 22 AMXS.  This directly relates
to running a great Taekwondo school.  I don’t just make stuff up on a daily basis; I really plan out the progress of each
student to ensure the best martial artists are developed and cultivated.”

Question:  How long have you been instructing?

“I took over my Grand Masters school in Okinawa in 1998 and have been teaching ever since.  I have taught in Korea,
Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S.  I have taught people from 4 years old all the way to 66.  I have even had the honor of
teaching Taekwondo to the Green Berets in Okinawa from the 1st of the 1st on Tori Station and many high ranking

Question:  What is your vision for the future of Air Capital Taekwondo School of Martial Arts?

“I want our school to be the premier Olympic Style Taekwondo School in Andover and the Wichita metro area.”  I
ultimately see many national champions and maybe even a world champion coming from our school.”  However the most
important thing apart from winning medals is what I can give to the Andover community and surrounding areas.  A true taste
of Korean Taekwondo.  
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