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World Class Olympic Style Taekwondo

Taekwondo (TKD) is the Korean art of self-defense and physical fitness.  It is considered to be the most modern
martial art in existence and can be traced back 2,000 years to the first and second centuries.  It consists of sharp, strong
angular movements with free flowing circular movements to produce balance of power and beauty.  With its practical
means of self-defense and complete regiment of physical conditioning TKD aids to improve concentration and mental
performance.  TKD offers a total fitness program for everyone.  TKD is known for its dynamic high power kicks and
can be seen in the Olympic games as a full medal sport.

Flexibility and Stretching: Our staff brings you through a full stretching regiment each class to develop a full range of
motion so you may move easily and safely.
Basic Fundamentals and Breaking: You will learn compulsory
motions for each skill, so they can be used effectively in your
development of hand and foot maneuvers and combinations. We test
our effectiveness and accuracy of our basic skills in the practice of
board breaking.
Strength and Conditioning: With our aerobic and anaerobic drills and
exercises performed in your weekly workouts you will build your
endurance and power. We include a variety of calisthenics and
isometric exercises to aid in building and tone your body.
Private Lessons: If you are interested in individual training to enhance or brush up on your skills. Then take advantage
of our private lesson classes run by Master Perreault.  Private lessons are $25 per half hour.

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art and a modern combat sport.  Taekwondo was a demonstration sport in the
1988 & 1992 Olympic games.  Then it made its debut as a full medal sport in 2000 in Sydney.  Just like the Olympic
slogan of "Faster, Higher, and Stronger," instruction in Taekwondo can help you reach new levels.

Courtesy, Integrity, Self-Control, Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit
Kyorugi (Free Sparring): This is a quick paced high action game of
chess and tag rolled into one. You learn about timing of an opponent
and how to execute explosive techniques quickly and accurately as you
develop the tactics and strategy of combat.  Sparring is allowed FREE
with your Air Capital Taekwondo Membership.
Poomse (Forms): These choreographed patterns develop balance,
coordination, quickness and timing for the practice of self-defense
and sparring. Poomse is the essence of Taekwondo training and
skill development.
Flexibility: Every class begins with 10 minutes of warm up stretching.