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When you enroll your child in our Kickin' Kids After School Taekwondo
we provide more than just quality after school care and academic support.  
We'll teach your child martial arts.  

Studies have show that martial arts have lessons can help your child
improve confidence and develop the leadership they need to succeed in
life.  Most of all, they'll gain the high self esteem that is proven to result
from martial arts training as we teach it in our exclusive Kickin' Kids After
School Taekwondo.

If your like most parents, your probably on a budget.  Kickin' Kids makes
it easy to give your kids two activities for the price of one...quality after
school care and exciting martial arts.    

Kickin' Kids provides a safe learning environment for children from
kindergarten to 8th grade.  The classes are full of excitement, energy and
promotes the importance of exercise, good character, and leadership.  The
best part is, our students enjoy class and don’t even realize the life-long
lessons they’re taking away each day.  

A structure of respect and integrity is built into Taekwondo, allowing
children to develop the ability to listen, learn and achieve within a highly
regulated environment.  If you are ready for a new, healthier and more
confident way of life for your child,  Air Capital Taekwondo is ready to
get your child started on the road to success.  Kickin' Kids is available on
a full time basis only.  There’s no need to worry about early release days...
our full time rate includes early pick up on half days.  

Lessons are taught by Master Instructor David Perreault and 4th Degree
Black Belt Tammy Perreault.  This is not a watered down program
designed to teach marginal abilities, but a real Taekwondo
program designed to fulfill two very real needs; after school care and
martial arts training.  

Full Time Slot:  Monday - Friday
Please call for availability  733-2298

We follow the Andover USD 385 school calendar (closed on federal
holidays, scheduled school days off and out-of-state tournaments).  We
offer convenient free transportation with our two 15 Passenger Vans for the
following schools:

Cottonwood Elementary
Martin Elementary
Meadowlark Elementary
Sunflower Elementary
Wheatland Elementary
Prairie Creek Elementary
Andover Central Middle School
Andover Middle School
Magdalen Catholic School
Circle Elementary School
Working Parents?  It's time for something different for your child!
Simply put it is the best alternative to Latchkey or afternoon Day Care!
-Full time slots available
-Quality Martial Arts Training
-Safe After School Care
-Get two activities for the price of one!
-FREE pick up at all USD 385 Andover Schools and Magdalen
Catholic School

Call  733-2298